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Yui, Azusa, and Jun

The following are (more-or-less spoiler-free) patch notes for K-ON!!, the recently-finished follow-up to Kyoto Animation's wildly popular series K-ON! about high school girls who usually don't play music. Those looking for advice on the series should first ask themselves the question, "Does a series need to have a plot for me to watch it?" If the answer is no, then familiarize yourself with the first season before upgrading.

Version 2.0

  • Series length doubled from 13 to 26.
  • Upgraded Nakano Azusa to full-time character status, including dedicated episodes.
  • Decreased Hirasawa Yui's ditziness by 2 levels. Removed her hairpin for the ED sequence, for added effectiveness. Her appeal should now fall within standard ranges.
  • Due to her excessive popularity, we have reduced screen time for Akiyama Mio slightly.
  • The Sakurakou Keionbu band has been officially branded "Houkago Tea Time", or HTT for short. Expect to see this branding showing up consistently across all OP/ED sequences and merchandise from now on.
  • Slightly reduced frequency of musical content. Overall quantity should remain about the same.
  • Hirasawa Ui and Suzuki Jun have been upgraded in status to approximately equal of Sawa-chan-senseiYamanaka Sawako.
  • OP sequence has been replaced with the faster-paced 'Go-Go Maniac!' and amplified with 360° panning cameras.
  • Introducing a new character, Ton-chan, the turtle!

Version 2.1 (Effective episode 14)

  • OP and ED have been upgraded. Significant reduction in the amount of 360° panning.

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