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I can't fully explain it, but lately, I've been going to through this thing fairly often where I just feel disinclined from doing anything. I wake up with a bit of a headache, get up to do something, maybe make it through an episode of anime or something else not too trying, and end up laying back down to sleep for another couple hours before repeating the process. I have things I want to get done, but somehow I have a lot of trouble working up the effort. I blame it in part on the heat. Nobody can get anything done when it's so hot out. But the rest of it, I dunno. All I can say is, it took me a long time to write this post because I kept having to take breaks.

To counteract that, I'm making a dedicated effort to continue my kanji practice and legimitately progress my Japanese learning. I talked with Spiritsnare and together we decided that we would learn meanings, common readings, and at least one word for each of the kanji on this list by the end of the month:

100 beginning kanji

Now, a lot of these are kanji we already know, which is why it's possible to clear the list within about 2 weeks. We just have to be dedicated enough to remember every day. Thus, posting it on our blogs is my suggestion for how we remind ourselves. (Not to mention that it might make a convenient study guide later.) That said, here are today's kanji:

  • - sen, saki - "earlier" - as in 先に (just recently/up ahead), 先生 (sensei), 先月 (last month), 先週 (last week), 先輩 (senpai).
  • - sei, u, i, nama - "life" - as in, が 生まれる (to be born), 生きる (to live), 生活 (lifestyle), and of course 先生 again.
  • - yasu, kyuu - "rest" - as in, 休む (to rest), 休み (day off), 休憩 (break at work).
  • (Bonus) - gen, moto - "basis" - as in, 元気 (genki), 元々 (originally), or just 元 as a prefix meaning former.

That concludes today's lesson!


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