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The game zooms in on Ashley when you leave it unattended

It turns out that the combination of my impatience to play the game and my doubts over whether it will eventually make it to the states were, together, too strong, so I ended up hacking my Wii to play the European localization of Another Code: R. I'll still buy the US release if and when it happens, but until then, I'm having a blast enjoying Cing's wonderful character designs animatedly moving around in 3D on my TV. The characters are all fun and distinct, and Ashley's interaction with many of them is really believable. I find myself sighing and getting annoyed with her dad - the good-intentioned dope that he is - as much as she does, being fascinated by the (perhaps excessively?) rustic Ranger Dan, doubting but sympathizing with runaway kid Matthew Crusoe... And the puzzles (with one exception) have so far been fun, slightly challenging, but not frustrating. As for that one, well, lighting a barbecue in this game apparently requires placement and patience, both of which I had but in the wrong combination. (I was also distracted by thinking I would need either kindling or lighter fluid to get the charcoal lit.) In any case, the game is just what I expected, and for that, I'm loving it. It wasn't even that hard to get it working, though I did encounter some stumbling points...

To get the game to run, I basically followed Mike's USB Loader Tutorial with a few modifications, then loaded up an ISO of the game onto my new 8gb USB stick and popped it in my Wii. Here are some notes and additions I would add to Mike's tutorial in order to make Another Code hacking/installation faster and easier:

  1. In step 2, I had no problems putting the SD card into the Wii before it turned on.
  2. In step 4, the cIOS revision 13 download he provides doesn't work - the download link redirects to another site's frontpage. You can get the file from the USB Loader GX site instead (the version you want is under "Older Waninkoko's cIOSs").
  3. In step 5, Another Code: R requires you to use the "Error 002 Fix" or else you'll get a blue screen whenever you try to run the game. This means you'll need to use a newer version of USB Loader GX than 1.0 - revision 546 or higher. I used the r568.dol from the USB Loader site.
  4. Note that the "if you downloaded USB Loader GX 1.0" section of his guide isn't supposed to preclude you from copying the appropriate files (boot.dol, meta.xml, that sort of thing) to the apps folder of your SD card. You'll have to do that regardless. Actually I don't think the revision 568 version comes with an icon and meta files, so if you want the program to look nice in your Homebrew Channel, you'll need to get those files from somewhere else like the 1.0 release .zip.
  5. When I tried to install WBFS Manager, it had to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, but the installation from within the WBFS Manager installer would lock up. I went to Microsoft's site and downloaded the framework separately and installed it - which took a little while. Microsoft's installer is kind of weird sometimes with retrying connections to the server and re-downloading parts, but I just let it go and it did finally finish after 5 or 10 minutes.
  6. I used an 8gb Patriot XPorter flash drive ($14.99 at Fry's Electronics) rather than an external hard drive, since the external I already have is a Seagate. I had no problems formatting it to WBFS (although if it wasn't plugged all the way into the Wii, USB Loader would sometimes recognize it and sometimes not). I also noticed that for some reason, the bottom USB port on my Wii is a lot tighter than the top one and required some force to get the drive in. Of course, 8 gigs is only enough to reasonably fit one Wii game, but that's OK with me.
  7. After you get USB Loader GX up and running, there are two settings that you need to configure to get Another Code: R to run smoothly. First, under the video display settings, you'll need to enable "Force NTSC" (unless of course you have a PAL TV) and you'll also have to turn the "Error 002 Fix" on (as mentioned above). With those set, go back to USB Loader's main menu, fire up the game, and enjoy your favourite packages of crisps and other Britishisms.

Note: Speaking of Britishisms, a couple things that were changed for the US release of Trace Memory remain unedited in the European localization of the game - Dual Trace System (DTS) is Dual Another System (DAS) and the Trace project is the Another project. Additionally, the Robbins family name has a B subtracted from it in the actual game, making the protagonist's full name "Ashley Mizuki Robins", which doesn't look quite right to me, but what can you do? Finally, the British voice acting from the UK trailer is not part of the game. As a matter of fact, the game (in Japan and Europe both) features no voice acting at all. That's cool in its own way.

P.S. The game doesn't even use a nunchuk. Everything's point-and-click or using buttons on the main Wii remote.


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