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Coloring of Estelle from Tales of Vesperia

After about 95 hours of gameplay, my party finally beat the last boss of Tales of Vesperia. Overall, it was a really satisfying game with great characters and lots of good party interactions. I wanted to play as most of the party members, but each character is individualized enough that in order to get good enough with any one, you can't really spend time learning the others, especially later on when each character has a variety of different tricks and commands thanks to the huge array of skills available. Perhaps later on I'll replay the game on the PS3 with different friends, and get to try out something new... or perhaps I'll get to play Estelle again. She's good enough that I don't mind either way. I'm looking forward to hearing her voiced in Japanese and seeing the new story points of the PS3 version. But for now, in celebration of finishing the game, I made a new CG of her even though I've been absurdly busy lately.

That busyness has several causes. One of course is the impact of upcoming graduation. I've had my hands positively full with papers, presentations, and similar time-consuming, soul-sucking endeavors. That's almost done, now... the only remaining things that worry me are the second half of my 15-page seminar paper (I am so sick of writing papers) and my kung fu belt test... something that has been trouble before and is likely to be tougher now, especially since all the other obligations have kept me from attending class as consistently as I'd like to.

There has also been a kinda crazy social dynamic change around here recently. One of my suitemates brought his girlfriend's friends to visit, and suddenly our tower has been overflowing with visitors of both sexes dying to play board games and Telephone Pictionary. I got to know one of them fairly well, and we were kind of on the verge of dating, but I realized that a serious relationship was not really going to happen in the three weeks I have left, and apparently she's not interested in a non-serious relationship. I'm also not sure, but she seems to be very upset about this... and I'm not sure if I said or did something that caused her to feel hurt, or if I did whether I could've avoided it. *sigh*

On happier matters, I think we still have a bonus Vesperia dungeon to play through, I recently sorted a lot of mp3s including the spectacular All Points Bulletin live album by Dispatch, in less than a month I'll be out of SoCal for good, and Fanime Con is just on the horizon, too. Chloe even cooked up a keychain of Yell from Akikan for me. :3


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