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Nakiami from Xam'd Lost Memories

Some things just tick me off. One of those is when people seem to think that science fiction cannot be literature, which is the position of my present creative writing professor. It's kind of a killjoy when the professor tells you that the kind of thing you like to write, you shouldn't bother with because she thinks it's a waste of time. Makes one tend to get rather bitter, and feel like the rest of the class is a waste of time. Anyway, I was in quite a funk yesterday on account of that and a few other points. For some reason, this made me want to draw. First thing I did was a sketch of Natsume (of Natsume Yuujinchou), based on a reference frame from the anime. Well, I was so surprised at how well it turned out, I did another drawing, Nakiami from Xam'd: Lost Memories, and colored it within less than half a day. Amazing how that works. (As for the Natsume pic... I'll probably color it eventually, but I want to spend a little more time on it than this one.)


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MrB @2009-03-04 13:40:52

just came by your page after reading your post on Exit Trance Presents SPEED ANIME TRANCE COMPLETE BEST @ NMM.. it's a really nice pic of Cloud-Rider.. it's like, you captured her expression before her 1000-year sleep.. and a priceless one at that.. nice page too btw.. and I love the Arcuied background.. =)

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