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It seems I've unintentionally continued a trend in this website, where I post a lot one month, skip nearly the entire next month, and then return. I dunno what the deal is with that, but I at least have a pretty good excuse for not posting in the past month: I got a new job. I am now an employee of social gaming startup Playdom, where I'm documenting internal processes and things like that (in the hopes of making the company more efficient and less confusing). So that's been taking a pretty big chunk out of my week, and besides that I've been keeping up with a reasonably large number of anime and hanging out with friends about as often as not... this blog kind of fell by the wayside in between. But I'm not satisfied with that, so here's a brief rundown on what I've accomplished in the last month.

First off, I've caught up on quite a few anime series - 12+ episodes per week, counting the two shows I'm watching both raw and subbed. I continue to watch Kemono no Souja Erin, which continues to be slow-paced quality; after that, I've been continuing with most things I started last season, including the excellent Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~, the silly-but-hype Saki, somewhat-decent-plus-Yuki-Kajiura-music show Pandora Hearts, the stupid yet occasionally fun Basquash!, and the just plain stupid Shangri-La. That last one has probably been a waste of my time, but my dedication to its Murata Range1 designs and my stubbornness about dropping a series in general combined to make me keep giving it extra chances whenever it showed signs of improving. In the new season, I didn't pick up too much stuff just yet, since I've got so much continuing, but I did find room for hype like Type-Moon-based CANAAN, Spice and Wolf II, so-realistic-it's-scary earthquake show Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, and even Endless EightThe Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya season 2.

In terms of games, I've been making it to the arcade to practice DJ Max Technika, where I'm still sticking with "Pop" difficulty, but I've managed to beat a couple relatively tough songs like Son of Sun and more recently, PDM. I've also been working my way up through Pop'n Music, where I can now pass songs in the 20-24 difficulty range (though it feels like I'm a ways off from passing some songs in that same range). I've also given DDR X a few tries, though the subpar pads and display lag (even after the recent patch!) make it kind of unsatisfying. Bringing the discussion home, I got a copy of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, and I've been praticing reps of Noel's main combo, which is rather tricky but cool-looking. I also managed to find time for reading the brief Nitro+ visual novel Saya no Uta, which is some crazy combination of sickening, sexy, scary, and sad. It felt like some parts were added just to increase the ero quotient of the game, but generally speaking it was a well-written and well-drawn work with a fascinating concept and complicated morals. Up next, I'm debating approaching the anything-but-brief Fate/stay night or perhaps taking a stab at Little Busters! EX with AGTH and Rikaichan backing me up on the kanji I'm not familiar with.

I've put a fair chunk of my first paycheck into getting more WeiƟ Schwarz cards - I've invested in CLANNAD, My-HiME/Otome/Sora KAKE Girl, Fate/stay night, and Disgaea cards so far. I also bought a box of Little Busters!, but I haven't opened it yet because I don't want the cards to spoil me before I play the game. (Fate put me in a similar situation, except that the anime covered some of it, so I opened the packs anyway.) Finally, to explain the image that heads this post, I recently helped my friend Lisu move into his new apartment, which involved stocking his figures such that they occupied the entirety of my car except the driver's seat (the trunk was full too). What can I say but that I felt a great weight on my shoulders as I cruised along (in the carpool lane) that Saturday afternoon, headed for his new living space with his pride and joy in my care?

1 Turns out his birth name is Murata Renji, which explains the nickname "Range" being pronounced as the English word and not [as I previously thought], pronounced "ran-gay".

P.S. I also haven't forgotten about ReVamped, and I've definitely put some time into it over this last month or so.


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