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This is a coloring of a little sketch I found when browsing Pixiv one day, drawn by カムカム. I wanted to create something I could use on my Fanime Con 2009 Forum Badge, but the original was only 344x600, so I had to retrace the lineart to make an image in a high enough resolution. I think it had an interesting effect. The background is a screenshot from the Tales of Vesperia opening sequence with a little bit of filtering. For shading, I did something a little different than I usually do and made the colors bleed into one another a bit. I also, on a whim, emulated the "bloom" effect that is so popular in games these days and ended up liking the results. Between that and the fact that I was more, um, impressionistic than usual in making the color filling match the lineart, it ended up looking strangely Okami to me. Oh yeah, I kind of played up the greenness of Estelle's eyes, because in the original they're somewhat aqua.

Tales of Vesperia: Estelle