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This is actually rather old, but I had forgotten to post it here. It was another collaboration with my friend Chloe. She created the original lineart as a submission to the Fanime Con 2006 Masquerade Badge competition, but it was rejected on the grounds that the character wasn't very recongnizable. I had told her already that it was hard to tell it was Kasumi (of Dead or Alive fame) without her trademark color scheme, so I set forth to color the picture and render her in all her blue-and-white glory. In this one, I vectored pretty much the entire drawing using the Photoshop pen tool before proceding to color it, which made it take orders of magnitude longer than most of my work, but the result really was cleaner than most of my stuff. I'm also pretty happy with the way the highlights came out - I used a quicker and easier technique to do it, and yet it came out about as good as the highlights for anything I've done so far; and the shading, was of course, my normal practice, only made a little easier with Clipping Masks. Counting a break of more than half a year, this is probably the slowest-going cg I've done to date, but it's pretty worth it IMO. Oh, and the background is a slightly modified stock photo. I figured, a beach scene highlighted the right colors and fit into that silly DoA Beach Volleyball thing...

Dead or Alive: Neko Kasumi