Thoughts, Words, Works

This is a character from a story I wrote based in the Project Gunhyper setting. RAD is the nickname of this particular Rational Autonomous Series model D robot. He has reasoning capabilities and emotions almost on par with humans', and works for pay alongside them in a government agency. He is built with a "Naked Frame" which means that 90% of the wiring is wrapped around an interlocking skeletal frame. About two thirds of what you see is redundant, so that he won't lose mobility if the wires are ripped or cut accidentally. The larger textured "wires" wrapped around him are actually artificial myomers - insulated, woven strands of a metallic substance that expands and contracts with an electrical charge - that roughly simulate human muscles. The central orb is a wireless mutli-bandwidth satellite, so that RAD has internet access and radio communication from anywhere. I learned a bit from my work on the BOOG and went with a fairly impressionistic layered shading technique. I also traced or added a lot of details with Photoshop's paintbrush. The background is basically just some filtered scribbles (obviously). Original lineart took me maybe 3 hours, and the coloring was probably 5 hours, but these are very rough estimates. Obviously some influence on the design comes from Star Wars.

Project Gunhyper: RAD