Thoughts, Words, Works

This is a new wallpaper that I like quite a bit; the character is -- whoa there -- Serene, from the game Riviera: The Promised Land. I took a really low-resolution picture of Serene from one of the official wallpapers (you have to play the Speed flash game on the Japanese website to get it) and vectored it, then used a median filter on the original to get color out. I considered recoloring it myself, but it was so easy and looked so cool when I did the median that I decided against it. While making this image, I actually learned several new tricks, including how to properly vector things, how to make clipping masks, etc. The "transmutation circle" is blatantly ripped off Magic Talisman tutorial by a person called Nat whose work I discovered on Minitokyo. The background is constructed out of stock photos from a site recommended by nat, stock.xchng.

Riviera: Serene