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Chloe recently got back to me to tell me that the keychain she's offered to make for me was finally done so that I'd be able to get it if I dropped by her Fanime 2009 artist table. We got to talking and I ended up asking her to draw the title character from Kemono no Souja Erin, because I think it's a decidedly underappreciated show and Erin's childhood innocence is a good fit for Chloe's art style. She drew this while we were still talking and I colored it a day later in the span of a few hours. I had fun drawing the background, and I'm really more satisifed with that than I am with the main work of the coloring itself. I tried doing most of the color on one layer to give it more of an intermingled look and I used some brush textures, but the result was not really as satisfying as I'd hoped. I think I'm going to try looking at some different tutorials to see if I can inspire some new techniques for myself.

Kemono no Souja Erin