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Traveling Through Space and Time @

More and more each year, I find coming home for Thanksgiving to be a surreal experience. It occupies a strange space in my life: it's too short to get used to being at "home", but it's not like it's a vacation, since I'm spending it at the place I used to live. Instead, I get this strange impression that I've driven some untold hours through a portal into the past, and arrived in the life I lived up to four years ago.

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Sayonara, JET Programme... Konnichiwa, JLPT @

This is it. I officially concede that I will not make the deadline for the JET Program this year. There was a small chance, but in the end, I simply could not find it in me to demand letters of recommendation to be written within a matter of hours. Although I wanted to do JET, in the end, I didn't get my act together in time, and this is the result. I will do my best to apply next year, and that's about the extent of what I can do.

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Global Warming: Welcome to Southern California @

Weather readout: 1000 degrees farenheit

It's a funny thing, climate. You never know how hot or how cold it can get until it does. And, I mean, there are plenty of people who don't think that we humans have any significant impact on it year to year. But as someone who's going on four years here in sunny Southern California, it's hard not to think Al Gore is right on the money.

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It's Blogging Time! Fall 2008 Anime @

It's a Sony.

So, here we are. An actually kinda bloggy blog post. The topic? Anime that's airing this season. More specifically, I have some things to say about CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~, Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens, and Xam'd: Lost Memories (also known as Bounen no Zamned and a few other variations). There's actually a lot more I'm watching besides just that, but those comments will have to come later! So, hit the jump for my more detailed meditations, and don't worry - spoilers are properly tagged as such within.

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Site Redesign! @

Well, well, well. It's been a long time coming, but I've finally decided to revise my site. I mean, seriously, in the years since I last even posted anything, here are some things that have happened since then: Daylight Savings Time was changed (so some of those dates that were PST before are now PDT - not that I knew how to properly differentiate between the two back then!); the United States elected its first black president; I turned 19, 20, and 21 (with 22 looming just days away)... Ryan North created 746 new Dinosaur Comics; all three current-gen consoles (the Xbox360, Wii, and PS3) launched; I made many new friends and spent countless hours with them; I started another possibly-ill-fated project, ReVamped, I worked two summers writing documentation for embedded Linux... Much has happened. So why am I updating the site now? Well, I can't let it remain out of date forever. In fact, lately I've been realizing how much I could use it better. And thus, my rewrite has begun...

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Old Update 20 @

I finally went live with the new version of Planar Strife. It should look the same to you, but it's a lot more convenient for me. Watch out: more than one new chapter has been posted along with the update, so you'll have to read back a page or two. Oh, and I posted a new song, too, an Anime Remix. It's definitely my best song to date.