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Old Update 7 @

Okay, so I took Monday off from posting on the webnovel. I was really involved in my weekly Orpheus game and got kinda distracted, plus I had just updated two nights before. Anyway, I didn't forget for this Thursday, though I posted it an hour early since I'm exhausted from the beach today.

Old Update 6 @

I'm back from vacation, and I've posted the new Planar Strife chapter for Saturday according to the late schedule, as planned. I hope you're liking the way the story is starting to develop, though of course there will be a lot more twists all the way through. If you haven't read up to this point, of course, go start reading now!

Old Update 5 @

Hello again. I've updated for Monday's webnovel chapter (12 minutes early, at that!). I'm going to be gone all this week until Friday, so Thursday's update will likely come around Saturday. To make up for its tardiness, however, I've given you guys an extra-long chapter today to tide yourselves over. By the way, I appreciate your comments... so drop by the forums and give me some!

Old Update 4 @

Hey! It's a Thursday (kinda crept up on me), so I went ahead and posted the first updates on Planar Strife. I'm still ahead of the current storyline, and the plot is just getting rolling, so I posted two chapters -- be careful that you don't accidentally read the latest one first.

Old Update 3 @

Alright! The website is now officially open! Check out the new Webnovel section, a new CG, and revised commentary on both songs and CGs, besides the awesome new layout!

Old Update 2 @

Hello again! I've almost finished preparing the site for launch. As of now, the Miscellaneous Software section is not a part of the new site, but if there is enough demand for it I will bring it back and possibly add to it. If you want the Miscellaneous Software section back, tell me.