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Not entirely an Other M @

Actual game screenshot of young Samus giving a thumbs-down

I recently acquired and played Metroid: Other M. (Aside: you have no idea how weird it feels to type that in <em> tags.) When I first heard that Team Ninja was going to be making the next Metroid game, and I saw the trailers, I was worried. I've blogged before about the gradual corruption of the Metroid formula and all signs indicated that this game would accelerate that loathsome trend. Yet, being as I did have an interest in how the series' plot develops, I wondered if Other M might be an enjoyable game in its own right. Having finished it, my relationship with the game is a bit hard to describe in short, if you can forgive my longwindedness, please read on.

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On using Amazon Web Services @

Below is the full body of an email from my coworker Tay, a Build and Release Engineer:

I haven't forgotten about you, but I'm still putting out fires. It's pretty much what I do all day. The cloud is awesome!

Asobi ni Iku yo! Abridged @

Asobi ni Iku yo! cast as rendered by hitoya on Pixiv

I've been watching a show lately called Asobi ni Iku yo! ("We're going to play!") which is an unbelievable show, in the sense that I'm both always and never surprised by what happens next. In any case, the show makes no apologies for its low-brow-ness, which will turn many people off, so I am compelled to share some of the sheer amazement that it entails in a brief text format. Warning: the rest of this article contains major spoilers for episodes 1-5 of the show!

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Ghost Stories @

Since I'm currently updating this website with long-overdue changes, I might also note that I've added to my link list a friend from college, whose recently-started blog is both an entertaining read and highly indicative of his personality. It's called The Zeppelin Diaries and his tagline is, "I like my coffee black, my dames classy, and my dialogues fictitious. Updating Daily with posts about D&D and related hobbies!" If that doesn't pique your interest, maybe you should re-evaluate yourself. Taking a little inspiration from his style, I felt like commenting on RPGs. I'm currently running a game of Orpheus, a little-known spinoff RPG by White Wolf from all the way back in 2003, which puts players into the shoes of grim-present ghostbusters and part-time (or full-time!) ghosts themselves.

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Stories @

Emoto Tomoe from Zaregoto volume 2 Gosh, it sure is hard to blog after so much time. It's not like miniscule updates on my life are particularly interesting. I do have some thoughts I've been kicking around about the nature of social games (and why they're generally terrible) but I'm hesitant to post them out of respect for my current employer. Maybe in a little while after I've polished them up. I also have a few long posts about mahjong partially prepared but lacking in polish. (Speaking of things lacking in polish, I should probably push a review of Angel Beats! sometime, too.) But for now, I'm going to talk about music games.

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Guilty Pleasures (Strawberry Panic Review) @

The four girls from Miator: Nagisa, Shizuma, Tamao, and Chiyo

Ah, where shall I begin? Certainly not with a trite apology for not updating my blog in so long; the only one who suffers from that is me anyway. Doesn't matter whether it's because I got roped into that Twitter thing or that I've been working too much, the truth is that I made something of a fool of myself by not updating (after promising to review Saki soon, among other things) and I have to move on. So I'll spare you the details of why I felt like writing this entry (I'm not sure anyway) or the context in which I started writing it, by hand in a notebook waiting for the train to depart for work. You aren't here for those details, or at least I hope not because they're rather mundane, and I expect more from my readers. Actually, no, that's a lie, because it assumes I have readers. In any case, before I go breaking more promises, let me forewarn you that, while this is a review of Strawberry Panic, it doesn't follow the structured review format I've been using for the past several years. I won't explain what prompted me to experiment this way, but I should explain what prompted me to watch Strawberry Panic, although it is also somewhat mundane. Simply put, my friend David recommended it, and eventually I hit upon the mood and circumstances to start watching.

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