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End of Season Review Flood Part 4: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei @

Higurashi Rei making a reference to Maria-sama ga Miteru

For the next installment in my (perhaps poorly-named) End of Season Review Flood, I visit the OVA third season of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, titled Rei. Technically it's not a part of this season (having started some time ago) but being as the last episode finally came out around the same time, I'm gonna throw it in anyway. Oh, and as an aside, I just realized that I forgot to include "viewing considerations" sections in the previous reviews of this batch, so I've gone back to add those.

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End of Season Review Flood Part 3: CANAAN @


Though there was a bit of a delay, my journey to review recently-ended anime continues with CANAAN, an anime adapted from part of well-received-in-Japan-but-never-translated Wii visual novel 428. While 428 as a whole is produced by studio Chunsoft, CANAAN is based on a section within the game created by TYPE-MOON founders Kinoko Nasu and Takeuchi Takashi. As you might guess from my current website design, I've been a dedicated fan of TYPE-MOON since 2002 anime Shingetsutan Tsukihime. As such, I've been looking forward to CANAAN since it was announced, even before I had the faintest idea what it was about.

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End of Season Review Flood Part 2: Spice and Wolf II @

Horo flirting with Lawrence

For the second part of my anime review bonanza, I'm hitting a series I actually enjoyed: Firefox 2.0 anime Spice and Wolf II, the continuation of the surprisingly good 2008 medieval economics fantasy plus wolf-girl romance series.

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End of Season Review Flood Part 1: Shangri-La @

Kuniko and Momoko of Shangri-La

In the past week, most of the things I've been following have ended, so I can finally get around to authoritatively reviewing them. The first on this list is Shangri-La, an anime that spiked my hopes, trashed them, and then dragged them through the dirt. I loved to hate this show and the only way I can justify having watched all 24 putrid episodes is so that no one can gainsay me on this review with empty promises that "it gets better".

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Kanji Again: Town Edition @

Today's 3 new kanji all sorta go together:

  • - michi, dou - "street" as in 歩道 (sidewalk), 坂道 (hill road), 剣道 (kendo). Or any art ending in -do.
  • - eki - "train station" as in 駅 (train station), 各駅停車 (all-stops train), 駅員 (station worker).
  • - mise, ten - "shop" as in 喫茶店 (coffee shop), 店員 (shopworker), 商店街 (shopping mall).

By the way, I'm keeping track of my goals on a dedicated kanji page.


Kanji Update @

This is just a quick update to say that I haven't forgotten about the fact that I'm studying kanji. I have been slacking a bit (I blame Spiritsnare for that) but I'm going back to looking up, practicing, and blogging about the kanji I'm learning, starting now. To start, 6 kanji I knew but needed to really clarify and define:

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