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Me in a carfull of figures giving a thumbs-up

It seems I've unintentionally continued a trend in this website, where I post a lot one month, skip nearly the entire next month, and then return. I dunno what the deal is with that, but I at least have a pretty good excuse for not posting in the past month: I got a new job. I am now an employee of social gaming startup Playdom, where I'm documenting internal processes and things like that (in the hopes of making the company more efficient and less confusing). So that's been taking a pretty big chunk out of my week, and besides that I've been keeping up with a reasonably large number of anime and hanging out with friends about as often as not... this blog kind of fell by the wayside in between. But I'm not satisfied with that, so here's a brief rundown on what I've accomplished in the last month.

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Ace of Aces Nanoha from Weiβ Schwarz

First off, a bit of context: this post comes to you from all the way on the island of O'ahu in the great island state of Hawai'i. Well, actually, I'm not all that fond of Hawaii, but for the sake of my cousin's wedding and related business, I find myself sitting in a sweltering room in a rented beach house, pattering away at my Eee's miniscule keyboard, with no internet at the moment of this writing (though if you're reading this it seems safe to assume I've found a wireless point for long enough to upload it). Completely by coincidence, my good friend Spiritsnare is also in Hawaii at this moment, though he's a few klicks west on the map, visiting the island of Kaua'i. Judging from the little compass attached to my bag, this means he's somewhat forward and to the left of my current sitting position.

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