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Not entirely an Other M @

Actual game screenshot of young Samus giving a thumbs-down

I recently acquired and played Metroid: Other M. (Aside: you have no idea how weird it feels to type that in <em> tags.) When I first heard that Team Ninja was going to be making the next Metroid game, and I saw the trailers, I was worried. I've blogged before about the gradual corruption of the Metroid formula and all signs indicated that this game would accelerate that loathsome trend. Yet, being as I did have an interest in how the series' plot develops, I wondered if Other M might be an enjoyable game in its own right. Having finished it, my relationship with the game is a bit hard to describe in short, if you can forgive my longwindedness, please read on.

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Pray for a True Peace in Space @

Shakugan no Shana's title character

I don't know how long it took me to beat Metroid - certainly long enough that Samus didn't take even her helmet off - but I'm done with the game. And that feels like a real accomplishment, given how hard the game - or nearly any NES game, for that matter - is, compared to modern games. I'm also feeling pretty done with Hawaii after sunburning myself pretty thoroughly yesterday (although I caught a lot of good waves).

The first time I came to Hawaii was quite a few years back, and we spent a bunch of time in Honolulu and Lanikai. I did not enjoy that trip and came to dislike Hawaii entirely. The second time I came to Hawaii, we went to Maui and had a distinctly more laid-back time, which was better, and getting to swim with sea turtles and spend the rest of my time lounging around by the ocean. After that, I scaled back my dislike of the place. I've come to the conclusion now, on my third trip to Hawaii, that I have nothing against the place itself, though it's also not necessarily paradise. I only hate going vacationing with my parents, who want to spend most of their time driving, shopping, or sipping Mai Tais, all of which I'd rather skip.

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The Metroid series' namesake monster

So here I was, rollin' along, making short work of Ridley and digging my way into Tourian where Mo'Brain lies in wait, carrying a full sack of missiles and 5 energy tanks, when damn, I found myself facing not one, not two, but hordes of these terrifying creatures. And, well, whoever it was that told you that morph ball bombs get them offa you forgot one important detail: each bomb maybe gets rid of one of the three or more guys sucking your brains out. And don't even ask about how many missiles it takes to clear them all outta the way.



Isolation @

Samus concept art from Metroid Prime 3

My vacation is coming along pretty well. I've had plenty of time to chill out, catch some waves on Kilama Beach, and play Metroid. It's funny: I bought Zero Mission thinking, "This will substitute for that frustratingly difficult classic Metroid in my experience of the series." But when I fired up the game and glanced at the extras, it had the original Metroid available. I decided half-heartedly to try it out, and now I've spent a lot of hours, beaten Kraid and gotten almost all the power-ups, despite how mind-bogglingly difficult the game is.

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Corruption @

Metroid Prime 3 Save Data Completed: Normal, 88%, 16:44

I've finally finished the third and final Metroid Prime game. It was a pretty good game, on the whole. Each individual aspect of the game is quite good, and the structure is much the same as the previous two Metroid Prime games. Nonetheless, I have a few reservations about it that cause me to conclude: It's a fun distraction that even the hardcore fans can enjoy... while they wait for a 'real' Metroid game.

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