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Old Update 17 @

Bah, I'm having such a horrible time writing the next chapter for Planar Strife. It's been a few days now and I'm still sans chapter. I've been trying but nothing remotely good is coming out, so I'm gonna call it a night. Again. Sorry. I posted a new wallpaper, so please don't hate me. Also, whoops, it seems that I messed up when I first posted this news item and the site was down for about a day. Fixed now though.

Old Update 16 @

I'm going to take the night off from updating Planar Strife. I watched the movie Collateral, though, and it was very good. I highly recommend it: the script is superb, as are the acting, action scenes, and even the soundtrack. Anyway, I added another wallpaper. A couple more of these to go.

Old Update 15 @

In case you haven't been keeping up, I've posted a couple of new wallpapers, not really anime related but I like them anyway. More importantly, today, for the first time, I have returned to updating Planar Strife! I'm going to try to go back to the every-day update schedule, so come back regularly to read it. I still have a few more wallpapers to post, too.

Old Update 14 @

Happy Thanksgiving, to those (Americans) who celebrate it! I've been up late because the site has finally surpassed 50,000 hits! So, I give you... new 404 pages! Okay, so it's kinda stupid, but what do you expect? Some kind of wallpaper or somethin'?

Old Update 13 @

Okay, for one, I have been listening to the song in that stupid Dragostea din tei flash for far too long. For another, I finally got the site back up. Stupid server issues. Anyway, the forums will be a little bit in coming back online; I have to set up MySQL and dig up the old database files. I'm a tad busy with college apps and things lately, so don't expect a lot of updates, but I posted a new coloring, Fina from Skies of Arcadia. That's it for now.

Old Update 12 @

Erg. I screwed up twice in the last couple days when updating Planar Strife. First, for yesterday's, I accidentally put up the wrong chapter, and an incomplete version of it at that. >_< Then, for today's, I'm really late! (12 hours... ;_; Gomenasai!) At least I got them both up and fixed by now. Also, I posted a new CG! It took me a long time to make, so check it out! BTW, I added some code to the CGs page so that it doesn't load everything in one page. That should cut back on pageload times quite a bit, and it also has the colorings in reverse order so it's easier to find the new ones. Have fun!