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It's been some years since I watched the show originally, but I recently introduced a few friends to an excellent anime called Monster, based on the manga of the same name by acclaimed artist Naoki Urasawa. Monster is generally considered one of the best anime ever made (ANN #22, AniDB #48, AnimeNfo #24, MyAnimeList #27 -- and many of those ratings have fallen off its peak). Strangely, Viz only printed the first 15 episodes as a hardcopy box set, despite the show being a rather lengthy 74 eps long. I guess being 4 years late to the party and offering a small portion of the episodes didn't work out for them. I'd love to own a hardcopy, but it seems that's not in the cards. I hear you can at least buy the episodes in digital format on PSN and iTunes.

On a related note, I came up with a limerick inspired by the show. It contains big spoilers for the first 4 episodes only. See the full article to read it.

There once was a lockpick named Junkers,
Who got caught by some donut-dunkers.
Tenma bought him a clock
but then he got shot.
That's what Johann does to his flunkers.

And there you have it. I'm not apologizing.


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