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Asobi ni Iku yo! cast as rendered by hitoya on Pixiv

I've been watching a show lately called Asobi ni Iku yo! ("We're going to play!") which is an unbelievable show, in the sense that I'm both always and never surprised by what happens next. In any case, the show makes no apologies for its low-brow-ness, which will turn many people off, so I am compelled to share some of the sheer amazement that it entails in a brief text format. Warning: the rest of this article contains major spoilers for episodes 1-5 of the show!

Episode 1

Eris: I'm a busty catgirl from outer space, come as an emissary of peace.

Aoi: I'm the flat shy girl at school. I'm secretly a psychic employed by the Japanese government.

Manami: I'm the busty babe next door. I'm secretly a CIA agent.

All: And we all have a crush on Protagonist-kun!

Uncle Yuuichi: By the way, I'm totally not a Yakuza. Here, have some BBQ beef.

Protagonist-kun: ...

*fanservice ensues*

Episode 2

Eris: Protagonist-kun, thanks for letting me stay at your house. Can I repay you with sex?

Protagonist-kun: ...

Aoi: The government needs to capture the alien!

Manami: The CIA needs to capture the alien!

Cultists: We cannot accept that Earth's first contact with aliens isn't "Starship Troopers".

*Kidnaps Eris*

Protagonist-kun: We've gotta save her!

Uncle Yuuichi: Wanna borrow my slick ride?

All: Sure!


Eris: Let me guess, you bad guys are in cahoots with dog aliens.

Cultists: How'd you know?

Audience: You mean that galactic politics boil down to a giant argument of "cats versus dogs"?

Eris: Pretty much. By the way, my skimpy outfit is actually a light Powered Suit, and I have a giant squeaky hammer that destroys tanks & other people's clothes. See you later! *escapes*

All: Well, damn.

*Eris returns with ship of catgirls.*

Catgirls: We've come back for your meat.

All: ...

Episode 3

Aoi & Manami: So, uh, I guess we can't go back to our governments.

Eris: It's fine, you can stay with us at Protagonist-kun's house, which is now an embassy of Catia. Here, have some cat robots.

More Cultists: We must worship the girl with the cat ears & tail! *Kidnaps a cat robot*

Aoi & Manami: Trying to sneak past while we're in the bath? No way! *fanservice ensues*

Cultists: Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!

Episode 4

Eris: I'm gonna be in heat soon, wanna do it?

Protagonist-kun: ...

Eris: Also, I need to know more about Earth's culture. Let's go shopping!

Aoi & Manami: OK!

Cultists: This time, we're prepared for you secret agent types! *Kidnaps Eris & protagonist-kun*

Episode 5

Cultists: We adore you, cat-ear goddess!

Eris: Sorry, pretending to be a goddess is against regulations.

Cultists: Well, stay on our cruise ship until you change your mind.

Eris: Let's escape. Oh crap, I'm not allowed to use my powered suit because I'm in heat!

Protagonist-kun: ...

Aoi & Manami: Let's steal this gunboat from Uncle Yuuichi's movie director friend so we can save Protagonist-kun!

Director: Not unless you wear these skimpy swimsuits! *fanservice ensues*

Dog aliens: We're come to sink the ship!

Protagonist-kun: *punches through wall*

Eris: I'm so glad we traded clothes!

Cultist Leader: I don't have any friends. =(

Eris: Be friends with us!

*Everyone escapes*


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Stormshrug @2010-09-12 22:34:31

Though I still have no intention of watching this show, Uncle Yuuichi sounds like a pretty cool guy.

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