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Now that I've finished watching Asobi ni Iku yo!, I figured I may as well continue in a previous vein and summarize what made the show amazing for those who've got too-good taste to actually slog through the whole thing. Overall, Asobi ni Iku yo! was a pretty fun watch: it never made me mad, nor bored, nor upset, and it did make me laugh. The second half wasn't quite as hilarious as the first, but the show found its rhythm and balance between action and fanservice, and managed some trite but successful character development on a few characters, while further fleshing out its improbably-convenient setting. The only real disappointment about the second half was the general lack of Uncle Yuuichi. Warning: the rest of this article contains major spoilers for episodes 6-12 of the show!

Episode 6

Manami: Hey Aoi, you like Protagonist-kun, but you don't have much actual experience, right? I'll help you win his heart.

Aoi: Hey Manami, you like guns, but you don't have much actual experience, right? I'll help you practice.


Aoi: Oh. Right. Sorry!

Catians: Oh, you should use the VR chamber on our ship. It's great for stuff like this. Also great for wanking.

Aoi & Manami: ...


Protagonist-kun's Film Club pals: Hey, Eris, can we use you and your spaceship for the special effects for our club movie?

Eris: Sure! Here you go.

Film Club: It doesn't look realistic enough... =(

Episode 7:

Film Club: Let's go on a club trip to the beach!

All: We're coming too!

Dog Aliens: Not so fast!

*fanservice ensues*

Protagonist-kun: Hey Aoi, I want you.

Aoi: !!

Protagonist-kun: ... to teach me how to fight.

Aoi: ...

Episode 8:

Manami: Aoi, you need to get more serious about pursuing Protagonist-kun before he friendzones you in favor of the catgirl with the huge tits.

Aoi: Who are you to talk, Ms. Friendzone?!

*They shoot each other with Catian clothes-destroying bullets*

Audience: Ooh, catfight.

Episode 9:

Eris: The prototype of all our cat robots is hooked on the theme song to Captain Harlock Captain Future and now she's here to visit.

Cat Robots: Hooray!

Cat-ear Cultists: Wait, she looks more like a person than a robot!

Eris: Oh yeah, the first generation was more humanoid. We stopped that after it led to wars and comparisons to slavery... Uh... sorry.

First Cat Robot: Don't worry about it. Music fixes everything. *sings*

*Everyone with a speaking part sings along. EVERYONE.*

Episode 10:

Eris: I've been hearing about this holiday called Christmas, some sort of religious observance?

Protagonist-kun: Well, sort of. It's just a commercialized holiday now.

Eris: Oh, how sweet!

Manami: Aoi, this is your chance to buy Protagonist-kun a chick-flick and get all lovey-dovey when watching it!

Aoi: I already bought him an action movie...

Dog Aliens: Attack the Catian mothership! Nanomachines everywhere!

Captain Kuune: Protagonist-kun, you're the nearest person, I'm promoting you to captain while I... *zzzZZzzzzZZZzzz*

Episode 11:

Catian Mothership: So, uh, we're going to crash into Earth's atmosphere and all die if you don't do something.

Eris: We need to go to outer space and reboot the ship's computer.

Aoi: We can't do that from here?

Eris: No.

Protagonist-kun: ...

Dog Aliens: Sorry, we destroyed Eris's sapceship.

Eris: Protagonist-kun can use the Captain's magic bell to turn any old rocket into a new ship.

Cat-ear Cultists: Well, I've got a spare ICBM sitting around...

All: Done!

Uncle Yuuichi: Guess I'll sit around the house and pretend to be Protagonist-kun...

Episode 12:

Russians: No! Don't steal our missile!

Cat-ear Cultists: Our missile, bitches.

*They launch Eris, Manami, Aoi, and Protagonist-kun into space.*

Manami: Hey Aoi, if things go bad, this could be your last chance to make things right with Protagonist-kun!

Aoi: No, this could be YOUR last chance. *kisses Protagonist-kun*

Manami: Oh no you di'n't! *kisses Protagonist-kun*

Eris: No fair! *kisses Protagonist-kun*

Protagonist-kun: ...

Eris: Well hey, at least from what I understand, infidelity is legal on Earth as long as you're not married.

Dog Aliens: We're not done yet! Attack!

Eris, Manami, & Aoi: It's morphin' time! *They fight.*

Protagonist-kun: Oh great computer, please reboot!

Computer: I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that. Only Catians are authorized.

Protagonist-kun: ...


Eris: I'm so proud you saved us!

Aoi & Manami: But, Protagonist-kun, what's with your ears and tail?

Protagonist-kun: ...

Catians: Merry Christmas, Earth! We gave you a space elevator! It's shaped like a Christmas tree.



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