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UPDATE 2: I figured out what was causing the game to freeze up in After Story, and fixed the patch. Skip to the bottom for the updated link. I still haven't tested it on the school life section, but I can now confirm that it is possible to finish After Story, including the True Ending. If you've already unlocked After Story using a previous unofficial patch, you can definitely get 100% CGs and music this way.

UPDATE: The patch uploaded here still has some glitches (it freezes up fairly early in After Story) so it's probably best not to use it until further updates.

As I've mentioned before, I've been playing CLANNAD recently. To be more precise, I've been using an incomplete patch that was compiled from the CLANNAD Translation Project. However, after finishing all 10 routes, I discovered that the unofficial patch doesn't include the translation for After Story (the concluding arc of the game). That's pretty important for me, so I created a patch that provides an updated translation of the game, including After Story.

Currently, the team translating Clannad has posted their translations on a wiki, but they have not officially given out anything that can be used to play the game. So, I downloaded their translations, learned how to use RLDev, and created a new SEEN.TXT file that is (for the most part) up-to-date with the project's translation as of November 11, 2008. For those who are curious how I did it, read on. (Otherwise, you can skip ahead.)

Before you do any of this, you'll need a copy of CLANNAD (Mine is in C:\Program Files\CLANNAD), and a copy of RLDev (mine is in c:\program files\rldev). Adjust the instructions to reflect the paths where you have them installed. You'll also need your Windows locale set to Japanese (which you should have anyway, if you're trying to play a Key game). I also make step 2 easier using a Python script, though it's not strictly necessary. There are roughly 5 steps involved in updating the translation:

  1. Set RLDEV Environment Variable - The RLDev executables require you to set the RLDEV environment variable to point to the path where you installed RLDev. You can do this by typing the following each time you open a command prompt:
    set RLDEV=c:\progra~1\rldev\
  2. Disassemble - First, you need to take your existing SEEN.TXT file and split it up into separate .utf (text) and .ke (instruction) files for each scene in the game. These will be files such as SEEN0416.UTF and I did this by creating a working directory, opening a command prompt there, and running the command:
    c:\progra~1\rldev\bin\kprl -e utf-8 -o seen_src -d c:\progra~1\clannad\seen.txt
    This should create a directory called "seen_src" and fill it with those files.
  3. Replace Script Files - Now you need to replace the contents of each SEEN####.utf file with the updated translation from the wiki (Leave the files as-is). I recommend copying seen_src into a new directory, seen_new, first. This is easier said than done, because there are over 200 SEENs. To help out, I created a Python script to help me out. (Obviously, you'll need Python installed in order to run it.) Basically it just downloads the contents of all the SEEN textboxes from the wiki pages and puts them in seen_new. It won't work if you don't have seen_src and seen_new folders. It also removes italic tags (\b and \u) from the scripts, since the method I'm using can't handle them. There's one problem with, which is that some of the Wiki pages get detected as Unicode, but some don't (I don't know why). This means that you're still going to have to go through every file and make sure that it saved in UTF-8 format. If it didn't, convert it with your favorite text editor. (If you're using Notepad++, there's a bug which makes this kind of annoying. Open the file, choose "Format > Encode in UTF-8 without BOM", and then copy-paste the contents into a new file, saving it over the old file.) When you're done, the seen_new directory should contain all the original .ke files and all the updated .utf files.
  4. Compile Updated SEENs - The next step is to compile the updated SEEN files into separate SEEN####.TXT files. The following command does this for all files in the seen_new directory:
    for %a in (seen_new\*.ke) do C:\progra~1\rldev\bin\rlc -e utf-8 -i c:\progra~1\clannad\gameexe.ini %a
    You are likely to encounter a lot of problems at this stage. An "index out of range" error often means that the file isn't properly set as Unicode. You'll also get errors for characters that RLDev can't handle, like é, though it'll refer to them by their UTF number (U+00E8 for example). You'll have to manually replace those characters in the files; Windows Character Map's advanced view can help with figuring out which character needs to be replaced. If you hit any other errors, my best advice is to look at the RLDev Manual, because I probably don't have much more idea than you do.
  5. (Optional) Re-Assemble Seen.txt - The last step is to put the files back into a single seen.txt file that you can put in your CLANNAD directory. This isn't 100% necessary - if you put SEEN####.txt files into your CLANNAD directory, it will prefer those over the versions in seen.txt. You can do this with the command:
    c:\progra~1\rldev\bin\kprl -a seen.txt seen_new\*.txt
    This will create a seen.txt file in your working directory (not in seen_new or seen_src). If you did it right, it should now contain all the translated scenes from the game, and be about 7 megabytes. Then, just backup your original SEEN.TXT file in the Clannad directory, replace it with this new one, fire up reallive.exe and start a new game to see if it works.

Being as I've done all of this, I'm providing a copy of the seen.txt file I've created, in case you don't want to do all this work. But first, some DISCLAIMERS:

  • I am not affiliated with the CLANNAD translation team. The translation is their work, and I am only making it unofficially available for the sake of convenience. Please do not bother the translation team for help with this patch.
  • This patch uses unformatted text. Italics are dropped entirely, and linebreaks occur in the middle of words. The official version should fix this, but that's beyond my knowledge of RLDev, so this will have to suffice for now.
  • Any save files from before you applied the patch will not work (they will freeze the game). However, saved data (such as CGs unlocked, lights acquired, etc.) will carry over AFAIK.
  • I had problems getting several scenes to compile, so I used outdated versions from a previous unofficial patch. These are Sunohara's scenario, Misae's scenario, and Yuusuke's scenario.
  • Due to a glitch in my text editor's search-and-replace function, a lot of E's that should be uppercase are lowercase instead. XD
  • I have not throroughly tested this patch and there is a good chance it will crash the game at some point. Use at your own risk.
  • This patch was created for the Voice-Patched original Clannad, not for Clannad Full Voice Edition or anything else. There's a good chance it will not work on any other version. (If you follow my instructions above, you might be able to create a version that works with your copy.)
  • Most of all, thank the translation team for their (continuing) efforts in bringing this game to English-speaking audiences.

There. Have you read all that? Okay. Then you can go ahead and →Download the patch. Back up your original SEEN.TXT file in your CLANNAD directory (No, seriously, ABSOLUTELY BE SURE TO BACK IT UP) and then overwrite the old one with the contents of this file. Thank you.


User Comments

scorchio @2015-04-28 11:07:03

Thanks a lot for taking the time to share this with us - it gives a fairly good overview on your workflow. It's not easy to find good RLdev related articles out there, so I really appreciate it.

User gravitar Jared @2011-02-09 05:31:49

Thanks for the patch it works fine and saves fine I'm on windows 7 32bit, I have japanese locales set too.

Pfrr @2010-12-29 10:35:15

Whaaaa.... That's bad! Because I have Full-Voice edition. :-(

Nerdactive @2010-12-14 21:29:53

Thanks for putting up the patch and the info on using RlDev :). Pfrr and player, I've found that will happen if your using the wrong edition of Clannad, if your using Full-Voice or the Memorial edition it won't work, and you can put to together a new patch using rlDev due to changes in the Real Live code.

Pfrr @2010-10-29 06:53:04

It doesn't work :-( It frezzes when I want to save.

player @2010-08-11 10:17:30

it doesn't work for me... the game freezes right after i clicked "new game" (school days i guess) id really know since it's my first time playing the game...only saw the anime... anyways didn't work

Kyle @2009-12-15 07:26:32

Thank you very much <3

Carlos @2009-09-08 07:34:15

Thank you, I want to do this with Little Busters xD

monte91 @2008-12-17 21:16:31

your patch is good but the game freezes when i try to save

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