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Introducing Technika ScoreSeeker @

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Today I introduce my first Greasemonkey script for public consumption: Technika ScoreSeeker. This script is meant for users of DJ Max Technika 3's International version website, It provides a new "All" page in the POP Mixing Performance area, displaying all1 your results (NM, HD, and MX charts) on one page, in a sortable table, with scores highlighted according to how well you did.


This script is entirely unofficial and makes many AJAX calls to Pentavision's servers. I would not be surprised if they blocked or banned you, or changed the site to break this script, if people overuse it.

This script is supported (for what it's worth) on recent versions of Firefox for desktop computers (so like 4 and up, and not Firefox for Android unfortunately). You might be able to get it to work under Google Chrome as well, but I have no idea what you'll have to do to make that happen, so you're on your own.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install Firefox's Greasemonkey Extension if you don't have it already. This will require restarting Firefox.
  2. With Greasemonkey installed, click the following link to install the user script: (Current version: 0.9.3)
  3. Click OK and the script is installed. No restart necessary!

Accessing the Page

I tried to make the script avoid changing other parts of the Platinum Crew site. To get to the point where the Score Seeker page exists:

  1. First log in to the Platinum Crew website.
  2. Navigate to the POP Mixing Performance page by going to My Page > DJ Management > My Achievements > POP Mixing Performance.
  3. At the bottom of the list of songs, where it has the list of pages, there should be a new link, called "ALL" that links to the ScoreSeeker Page. And THAT's where the magic happens.

Features and Usage

The script takes a while to load all your Pop scores, and even longer to make the table sortable, depending on how fast your computer and internet connection are. Be patient. It will load all the scores it can find; however, it doesn't seem possible to distinguish between a chart you haven't played and a chart that is not obtainable at all. The default order is more or less the order of songs in the NM Pop Mixing view. The columns will not be re-sortable until you see "(Sorting Ready!)" appear in the Song column header. After that, you can click any column header to sort the table by that header; click again to reverse the sort.

Scores are color-coded based mostly on the in-game trophies: bronze, silver, and gold. Perfect plays are colored green. Full-combo scores (including PPs) are put in bold text, regardless of how high the score is.

Known Bugs

Sometimes, if the Pop Mixing pages load too slowly, the "ALL" link won't appear. Usually refreshing the page is enough. You can check whether the script is running on the page by going to the Greasemonkey icon or menu item in Firefox.

1There's a major bug regarding which songs the script finds. It basically pages through whatever difficulty you have open when you click "ALL" and gets the song list from there. So if you're in NM, then it won't display any songs for which you have not played the NM chart, even if you have played the HD or MX charts for those songs. It's even worse if you click it from the MX folder, since many songs don't even have an MX chart, and it won't find them at all. I'm currently trying to find a new way to list songs that will encompass everything, but I wanted to get this version out to people first. Meanwhile, as long as you play every NM chart, it should be fine.

If you find anything else, or just have comments about it, drop me a line in the comments here and I'll try to get back to you.


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