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Do you hate how the Company profiles in AnimeNewsNetwork's encyclopedia are bogged down with all the shows that a company has done in-betweens and other support work for? Do you wish you could have it show just the things they've done production on? I do. So I wrote a Greasemonkey user script to do it. If you're interested in trying it out and you know how user scripts work, the following link is all you need:

Download/install here: ANN Production Filter

Ah, so you want more information, huh? I'll try to keep this short. First off, you'll need to be running something that supports user scripts. I'm confident that my script works in Firefox with Greasemonkey (at least, the latest versions of both), and I've tried to write it to work in Chrome, too, but I have no idea whether it actually will, so you're on your own there.

Now, for what the script does -- it works on the Company Profiles pages of Anime News Network, for example this profile page for the studio WHITE FOX. On those pages, it adds a button labeled Toggle Production Only, which, when pressed, gets rid of all the anime from the list that don't have something 'Production' in the list of roles the studio played. That way, you can see the list of shows the studio actually made, or at least had a meaningful hand in. Our example page starts out with a massive list that looks something like this...

65 anime listed, mostly for In-Between Animation

... but after clicking that handy new Toggle Production Only button, the list is down to just 9 things, the ones that are actually representative of WHITE FOX's work:

9 anime, all produced or co-produced by WHITE FOX

Now that's a list I can get behind! If only I could have it sorted by date... Welp! Not this time!

Hope this comes in handy to someone else. Until we meet again, aniverse!

P.S. This script is likely to stop working when ANN updates their site. Hopefully at that point it won't be necessary anymore!


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User gravitar mDuo13 @2014-01-16 03:01:04

I'm sort of surprised, but this thing apparently still works after ANN's recent facelift. Lucky me.

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