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Here is where I post music that I've made over the years. Pretty much all of the songs here were created using FL Studio with free soundfonts and synthesizers. My musical influences - at least, at the time of making these - were in large part from OverClocked ReMix and Anime Remix. However, I've chosen to concentrate on other types of art, and haven't made any new music recently.

TitleFile SizeTypeCommentsLength
Hellsing 'Secret Salsa Serenade' 6.57mb Anime Remix I made this in collaboration with OverCoat over a period of several months. It's a remix of a song from the Hellsing anime (the TV series), in a fun Latin style. It also got posted to Anime Remix, so you can actually trust that it's good. Far superior to anything else I've made, if you download any of these songs, get this one. 5:05
Love Hina 'TurtleTrance' 978kb Anime Remix This was my early attempt to contribute to Anime Remix, but the song never really got off the ground. It uses the same guitar found in DelphinoDisaster (hey, back in the early days, I didn't have that many sounds!) but it's a lot different. Despite the name, it didn't turn out being that 'trancey' but it was an OK start, one I might've been able to make into something cool. 1:02
Noir 'March of the Maze' 2.93mb Anime Remix This song was entered in PRCA5 at Anime Remix; it's a remix of the track 'Maze' from the Noir soundtrack, which really is pretty bad, especially among the good songs on the Noir OST. Anyway, this song was my first foray into true orchestral, with plenty of tubular bells, marching drums, oboes, etc. It came out okay, but after all the buildup in the beginning I couldn't really make the song get powerful and exciting. Still, it stood a chance in PRCA5 until analoq came in and blew it out of the water. =P 2:08
Hyperactive 1.10mb Original This was my first decent song made with FruityLoops; the song abuses FL's loop format and repeats individual measures many, many times. The percussion is (as usual) a simple loop, using FruityLoop presets, but the synths are all ones I made myslf using the TS404 and OSCx3. No other sounds are used, as this is a pretty simple track, but I think the flow of the song in general works quite well. 1:12
Kegsong 304kb Original I started on this song while showing my friend Keegan how to use FruityLoops, then later finished it off to use it in a little video file I used to sign a friend's guestbook. It starts out almost progressive trance, but gets a lot grittier by the end of the song. 0:51
Sadness 966kb Original This song was inspired by some orchestral/industrial hybrids I'd heard, and I was anxious to try my hand at making such a cool song. Unfortunately, mine didn't come out sounding anywhere near as good, and I got stumped on the arrangement after a while. This is as far I got. 1:01
Sonic 2 'RobotnikRumble' 1.90mb Video Game Remix I always liked the Robotnik theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, so when I heard it listening to my RGM soundtracks, I decided to remix it. The genre is some kind of electronica/techno, and I really enjoy the sounds I used in the mix. However, I don't feel I did enough to really change up the track a lot, and the drums (again) are particularly repetetive. It was a promising start, but being as I've lost the source file, I doubt I'll ever finish it. 1:23
Super Mario Sunshine 'DelphinoDisaster' 1.03mb Video Game Remix This was my first and perhaps my best song; the idea came from a favorite OC ReMix, which turned the light-and-happy Bubble Bobble theme into something dark and scary. This remix was an attempt to do the same to a Super Mario Sunshine track, the Delphino Plaza theme, and I think I succeeded quite well. The song centers on a phased minor-key synth and a low-pitched guitar, but incorporates other elements like pizzacato strings and violins. The greatest complaint about the mix is its repetetiveness, which I don't entirely feel, but it remains my best mix to date. 2:34
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Wrath of the Windmill' 2.38mb Video Game Remix This is one of my much newer tracks, and unfortunately the only one to which I currently hold the source file. It was originally a response to the OC ReMix WIP 'Scheissebrot' by Alastair, which was quite good but never finished. The song backs a distorted metal guitar with a bleepy-bloopy synth and turns the Windmill theme into something very angsty, but unfortunately the percussion sucks and I've really lost inspiration to improve the song. Check it out if you'd like. 1:44