Pomona College, Claremont, CA


Technical Skills


(May 2014-present)

Documentation Engineer, Ripple, San Francisco, CA

First tech writer at this blockchain and finance tech company. Wrote API documentation, tutorials, and conceptual information for Ripple's entire product line of finance software including the XRP Ledger, Interledger, and more. Contributed to technical specifications and functional design for several products, and wrote specs and open standards for the Interledger project. Designed and implemented a documentation tool, Dactyl, from scratch, which went on to be used by several groups within and even outside of the company. Contributed to web development of client portal and public documentation.

(July 2009-May 2014)

Technical Writer, Playdom/Disney Interactive, Palo Alto, CA

First tech writer at social gaming startup. Wrote procedures for operations team, communicated best practices and guidelines for database scaling, wrote and updated API specs, compiled and udpated detailed usage guides, and more totalling hundreds of wiki articles. Participated in many important decisions, administered Confluence wiki, coded documentation macros and monitoring scripts, and performed other technical tasks.

(June 2007-May 2009)

Technical Writing Intern, MontaVista Software, Santa Clara, CA

Wrote and edited documentation for MontaVista Linux product features, bug reports, booting hardware, and building software. Met strict time schedules and worked independently as well as with software engineers to document features.

(February-April 2007)

Script-Reading Intern, Industry Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

Wrote dozens of pages of coverage for movie scripts. Performed office tasks including taking calls, copying documents, ordering supplies, and data entry.

(June-August 2005 & 2006)

Sound Tech, Bel-Aire Entertainment, San Jose, CA

Moved, assembled, and operated sound and lighting equipment for fairs, festivals, graduations, and private events. Single-handedly operated community stages. Earned "Rookie of the Year Award" in 2005.

(January-June 2006)

Webmaster, The Student Life Newspaper, Claremont, CA

Redesigned college newspaper website for web standards compliance. Implemented RSS, database searches. Isolated database backend for migration to Linux Apache/MySQL from Microsoft server.


Open-Source Developer, OpenRPG Project

Redesigned and implemented user plugin system, wrote and maintained numerous plugins, fixed bugs and fulfilled feature requests related to wxPython interface and HTML-based chat system.