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Some Unofficial Board Game Translations @

Side-by-side comparison of a Brigare card with and without translation insert

I recently returned from a vacation in Japan, where among other things I hit up Yellow Submarine in Akihabara and bought some board games that can (currently) only be found in Japan. As a bit of a pet project, I've translated one of them, "Brigare" from Domina Games, including putting together inserts that you can sleeve into the cards. I'm also sharing a translation I made for another Japanese board game, "San Jose" by Studio Turbine, which I did after my previous trip to Japan, before the pandemic.

A few notes about these translations follow.

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Rikai Little Busters! @

screenshot of LB, Firefox, and Notepad open

In association with my resolution to work on my Japanese more actively, I have decided that my next project will be to play Little Busters! in Japanese, using Rikaichan and AGTH to help me out. I started out with Blitzwing's assisted reading setup, but quickly ditched Wakan in favor of a simpler Rikaichan-only setup. I also found it cumbersome to go and open all the different applications and things in the right order, so I wrote a Windows batch file that launches them in order. Here's how it works:

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Bridging the Gap @

Borked 2-page spread of Tabi to Michizure

In the process of translating Tabi to Michizure, I came across this peculiar little two-page spread. As you might notice above in the circled sections of my scan... some parts of the image simply don't continue onto the other page. What gives, TANAKANOKA? Did you have different assistants finish up each page separately? In any case, this page, and all its action lines, presented something of a challenge to clean up for proper translation and release. I had to come up with an unusual yet effective method in order to fix it.

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CLANNAD Game Translation Unofficial Patch @

Nagisa gives a thumbs up

UPDATE 2: I figured out what was causing the game to freeze up in After Story, and fixed the patch. Skip to the bottom for the updated link. I still haven't tested it on the school life section, but I can now confirm that it is possible to finish After Story, including the True Ending. If you've already unlocked After Story using a previous unofficial patch, you can definitely get 100% CGs and music this way.

UPDATE: The patch uploaded here still has some glitches (it freezes up fairly early in After Story) so it's probably best not to use it until further updates.

As I've mentioned before, I've been playing CLANNAD recently. To be more precise, I've been using an incomplete patch that was compiled from the CLANNAD Translation Project. However, after finishing all 10 routes, I discovered that the unofficial patch doesn't include the translation for After Story (the concluding arc of the game). That's pretty important for me, so I created a patch that provides an updated translation of the game, including After Story.

Currently, the team translating Clannad has posted their translations on a wiki, but they have not officially given out anything that can be used to play the game. So, I downloaded their translations, learned how to use RLDev, and created a new SEEN.TXT file that is (for the most part) up-to-date with the project's translation as of November 11, 2008. For those who are curious how I did it, read on. (Otherwise, you can skip ahead.)

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