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It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this blog that I like Tsukihime, the Type-Moon visual novel. (Hell, I've got Arcueid in my page template.) I've read the whole original game, seen the anime, and followed some side material, but until a couple days ago, I had never read "Talk.", which is a short little story that was published in one of the artbooks. As it turns out, there's an unofficial translation that's been floating around the web for a while, surviving on bulletin boards and the like.

Since I felt like reading it but I wanted to do so from the comfort of an e-reader program (my favorite is FBReader) rather than a bunch of forum posts, I compiled the story into a .epub file that's compatible with lots of e-readers and looks a little nicer. What little formatting I added, I based on the original book, which I happen to own. While I was at it, I also cleaned up a few typos as I found them and added a cover based on a scan of the book it was published in.

The story's only a few pages but it addresses some interesting stuff, a vampire forest, Ciel's retirement, and (most importantly for me) introduces "Satsujinki", the degenerately evolved form of Tohno Shiki. Anyway, I don't have the copyright to the original story nor am I responsible for the translation. In fact, I wasn't able to even find out the name of the person responsible for translating it. I did compare the translation to the original and I'm pretty confident that it's a very direct translation, probably to a fault, but that's par for the course.

If you, too, are interested in setting aside a few minutes of your life to read a little more in the Tsukihime universe and you, too, like the epub format, your download awaits:

tsukihime-talk.epub (245kb)


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Kara no Kyoukai DVD 2 cover

So after the long-awaited fourth DVD of Kara no Kyoukai came out, it's been on my mind a lot. Luckily, the unusually-long wait for chapter four won't be repeated until after #5 comes out later this month; and instead, we'll be getting an unusually-long episode, the first one to be what in America would be termed "feature-length". And at just over 2 weeks away, I am getting hyped.

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