Thoughts, Words, Works

This page is a home for various writings I've done. Unlike my other hobbies, writing is something I want to eventually make my profession, so I can't post everything I do here... but there's a fair share of things I don't mind giving away, so that's what you'll find here.

Ocean Surf

Posted: 2009-02-16

A meditation on the connections between roller coasters, ocean scenery, finding one's place, and long-lost loves. It might feel somewhat incomplete, but that's all there is to it.

Length: 5300 words

Download: (PDF)

The Implacable

Posted: 2009-02-02

The story of a military rescue worker coping with a near-future world gone awry. Something I threw together for the beginning of a creative writing class.

Length: 1400 words

Download: (PDF)

This is Goodbye

Posted: 2009-01-25

A piece of flash fiction that sort of served as my introduction to a creative writing class. It's supposed to start off like a fakeout for that awful sort of suicide/breakup/going to college story that creative writing classes tend to generate, but it quickly veers into something more glibly ironic.

Length: 500 words

Download: (PDF)


Posted: 2008-11-07

My entry to the Machine of Death project, though it didn't get in. Story about a reporter who meets a doctor trying to reverse-engineer the death prediction machine, and develops something of an interest in him. I've done a lot more editing (mostly trimming the fat) since the project, so I'm pretty confident the version here reads a lot better than the version I submitted.

Length: 4800 words

Download: (PDF)

Just Friends

Posted: 2008-11-07

This is a short story I submitted to my creative writing class a while back. They thought that it was kind of a sophomoric and uninteresting moral, but I thought it was an ambivalent look at growing up and the influences that people can have on one another.

Length: 2900 words

Download: (PDF)

Blue Eyes

Posted: 2007-10-24

A story about imaginary friends, ghosts, and mysterious forms of love. May or may not be as cheesey as it sounds.

Length: 5200 words

Download: (PDF)

Rain on East 6th Street

Posted: 2007-09-30

This was written pretty much as a joke - it's about a costumed hero who runs around my college campus trying to stop anonymous pranksters from setting off spurious fire alarms. Much of the background and most of the jokes will be - at best - hard to follow for someone who hasn't attended one of the Claremont Colleges... but eh, what the heck, I uploaded it anyway. It's not like it's going to get published elsewhere.

Length: 4300 words

Download: (PDF)

Snow Day

Posted: 2007-02-27

A short episode focusing on the relationship between two friends, when climate change brings an abnormal snow to San Jose, California.

Length: 1700 words

Download: (PDF)

The Rose's Testament

Posted: 2007-01-18

Originally a short piece I created for a class final. It's sort of a mini-thriller involving the image of a bleeding rose. The real experiment here is in the prose, which is much thicker than I usually write. It's really meant to be read aloud, and as such it's about as close as I usually get to writing poetry.

Length: 600 words

Download: (PDF)

Planar Strife

Posted: 2005-12-20

Once upon a time, I started writing a novel, and I decided that it would be a good idea to post it on my website in roughly page-long increments. Of course, I forgot to account for the fact that I wasn't actually a very good writer and I wasn't leaving room for editing/rewriting, so the result was not exactly something amazing. There are some things, however, that I do like about it... and perhaps, someday, if I go back and do a lot of editing, it can be "good". But for now, here's a PDF of the very incomplete story - which hasn't been touched in a long time except to fix some embarassing typos.

Length: 32700 words

Download: (PDF)