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Old Update 13 @

Okay, for one, I have been listening to the song in that stupid Dragostea din tei flash for far too long. For another, I finally got the site back up. Stupid server issues. Anyway, the forums will be a little bit in coming back online; I have to set up MySQL and dig up the old database files. I'm a tad busy with college apps and things lately, so don't expect a lot of updates, but I posted a new coloring, Fina from Skies of Arcadia. That's it for now.

Old Update 12 @

Erg. I screwed up twice in the last couple days when updating Planar Strife. First, for yesterday's, I accidentally put up the wrong chapter, and an incomplete version of it at that. >_< Then, for today's, I'm really late! (12 hours... ;_; Gomenasai!) At least I got them both up and fixed by now. Also, I posted a new CG! It took me a long time to make, so check it out! BTW, I added some code to the CGs page so that it doesn't load everything in one page. That should cut back on pageload times quite a bit, and it also has the colorings in reverse order so it's easier to find the new ones. Have fun!

Old Update 11 @

Phew! I've been exhaustedly busy lately, being hooked on a few good anime (I strongly urge you to check out Fullmetal Alchemist when Funimation releases it soon) and schoolwork, etc etc. Anyhow, I realized that I was in a precarious position: I had almost given up on Planar Strife again. It was a long time ago that I first started writing this, and I've been horrible about writing on it consistently. The twice-a-week schedule, I realized, was a bad idea; instead of giving me time to write, it left me time to slack off and I ended up forgetting when I should've been updating. So, instead, I'm going to update every day from now on -- at least, for the time being. We'll see if this little experiment pays off, but I just had to get back to writing. By the way, if you ever have any comments about Planar Strife or any other parts of this website (good and bad!) please contact me. e-mail is fine, AIM and ICQ are good -- I just have to know that somebody out there cares about what I'm working on. Anyway, that's it for now -- and don't forget to check back every day this week for more Planar Strife!

Old Update 10 @

Gah. My computer died a while ago, so it's taken me a while to set things up again. I've also been really busy with school and stuff, but I decided it's about time I face up to the fact that I haven't updated in too long. Anyway, as it is, I'm going to post my newest coloring, my first fully-original piece of artwork, and I'm also going to, in a little bit, start catching up on all the Planar Strife chapters I've missed. It's going to be tough, but bear with me, please!

Old Update 9 @

I'm back at school, and it sucks, but at least I'm not already bogged down with homework. Anyway, last night I added a new site skin, "Earth and Sky" which features a cool composite background image I made myself. That theme is a little more high-bandwidth than the default one (the logo is about twice the filesize, and the background image is also fairly sizeable) but the skin itself is more minimalist. Check it out, and comments are welcomed!

Old Update 8 @

So, school starts in two days for me... ;_; I guess I'll have to see how much free time I actually have, but there shouldn't be too many big problems. Anyway, I finally realized that a Monday/Friday update schedule for Planar Strife doesn't quite work for me, since I'm generally too busy, late on Sunday nights, so I'm going to try and move to a Tuesday/Friday schedule. This means that the next chapter will go up at midnight tonight, Pacific time.